About me

My path was about to take a completely different direction. Thanks to my love for nature, I studied ecology at Charles University in Prague. In Brussels, I researched microscopic algae from Antarctica, wrote scientific papers and lectured at conferences. However, my other passion is drawing. For several years I have been deciding whether to step out on my own as an illustrator. Eventually, I started creating science education books for children that combine everything I enjoy in life - science, adventure, drawing and writing. The turning point came when I was about to go to London for my studies. I realised that there I would be pursuing science full time and would no longer have time for the things I enjoy most in life. A major life decision was made and from then on my path was only in the artistic direction.

Apart from the book illustrations, the oil painting struck me fully. My main theme oscillates around children's souls and landscapes. You can see selected paintings here.

The children's theme is fully explored in the series The Elves of the Garden, which I created for a beautiful kindergarten in the Eagle Mountains. The series Landscape of Childhood reflects my childhood experiences associated with exploration and adventures. The theme of wandering and getting to know oneself through the landscape is the theme of my Through the Landscape to Yourself series.

I also draw and write children's books. They bring me great joy and I hope they will bring you joy too. The book Tips for Trips (Výletovník) is included in the catalogue of the Best Children's Books 2015/2016. The book My First Atlas of Europe included in the catalogue of the Best Books for Children 2013/2014.

I organize painting workshops in nature, figure drawings for the public and exhibitions. Recently, very interesting projects have been appearing, such as the ceiling in František Kupka's house in Dobruška in the Czech Republic, or helping to paint rococo frescoes in the newly built ambit in Mariánská Týnice in the Czech Republic.


Selection of exhibitions

2023 St. Wenceslas Festival in Dobruška, my own atelier, CZ
2023 Café Vozab, Hradec Kralove, CZ
2023 Garden Café Trees, Červený Kostelec, CZ
2023 Evangelical church & gallery Rumburk, CZ
2021 Landscape to Myself, Synagogue in Dobruška, CZ
2021 Tread Lightly, Klub Art 13 Brno, CZ
2020 Landscapes and Illustrations, Králíky City Museum, CZ

Participation in open-air exhibitions

2021 Memories of the Future, Festival Plná Rozkoš, Šonov, CZ
2020 Kostelec nad Černými lesy - open-air exhibition, CZ
2019 Manětín - open-air exhibition, CZ
2019 Broumov Monastery - open-air exhibition, CZ
2018 Piánka, Zákolany - open-air exhibition, CZ

Illustrated books

Man and Nature (Albi 2018)
Tripbook (Slovart 2016)
My First Atlas of Europe (Slovart 2014)
My First Atlas of the Czech Republic (Slovart 2011)
Children's Car Book (Audi 2011)
Animals in Nature (Grada 2010)
Pets (Grada 2010)

Interesting partnership

Czech Ornithological Society
Ecological Institute Veronica
Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
House of František Kupka in Dobruška
Charles University in Prague
SOS Children's Villages
Czech Switzerland o.p.s.

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